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Top 5 Bitcoin Casinos of 2018 – Safe & Secure

Many of the top online casinos now have over 1,000 games, including online slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, hold’em, craps, and just about any other casino game you can imagine.

One of the ultimate trends in online casinos is the increase in popularity of bitcoin (BTC) gambling. Our team of experts has investigated high and low for the top bitcoin casino sites online and our ratings are referred to and respected by gamblers from all over the world. This makes very authoritative our analysts’ recommendation of Casino as the best place to play online casino games and to use bitcoin for deposits, bets and withdrawals. We keep up-to-date on the latest Bitcoin online casino, poker, sports betting and other gambling sites and rate them here so that you can make an informed choice.

All of the sites recommended here will afford you a superb online casino experience with Bitcoin.

When you play at online casinos accepting Bitcoin you’ll experience plenty of great benefits:


  • Lower house edges (1-2%) than conventional online casinos
  • Quicker transactions than traditional banking methods
  • Deposit, withdrawal, and play in absolute anonymity


Our Top Recommended Bitcoin Casinos

The Way We Rate Our Top Bitcoin Casinos

We scrutinize every online casino to guarantee that the bitcoin casinos we recommend are the best. We do this by applying a set of rules and only present you with the casinos that rank highest in all of the following areas:


  • Safety and Security – Each of these first-rate casinos employs the highest levels of encryption and the latest and most advanced online security protocols to protect your personal details and your money.
  • Banking Options – In addition to the protection of your personal information, we always guarantee that your money circulates safely to and from the casino, and there’s an array of different options to fit any taste and budget.
  • Game Variety – The best casinos we highlight for you host hundreds of different slots, cards, dice, and betting games so that you will always find the right game for you.
  • Quick Payouts – With the technology available today, first-rated casinos should be able to liberate winnings within a couple of days, which requires solid organisation and meticulously designed payment processes on their side to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Bonuses & Promotions – Top-tier casinos provide several different loyalty-based assets, from generous welcome bonuses, to weekly offers and monthly promotions that make players happy and their bankrolls healthy.
  • Customer service – With the technology available today, top online casinos have a range of different contact modalities for their customers, from 24/7 live chat, to phone and email assistance, to guarantee that customers can always reach them.



Knowing what to look for makes the evaluation process of an online casino effortless but the market is saturated, so we decided to offer you this service. Accessing any of our highly rated online casinos you can be sure that they’ll meet all of the above standards, and some even go beyond!

An Introduction to Bitcoin

So, what are Bitcoins, and how did they come into being? And how did they develop into Bitcoin casinos and gambling?

Bitcoin is first of all a decentralized virtual currency, meaning it does not exist in the concrete world like real money, and it does not have a central bank such as the Federal Reserve. It is used by more than 100,000 people and companies around the world, who make transactions of thousands of dollars every day without the participation of middleman or credit card organizations.

Among these companies there are now plenty of Bitcoin online casinos, each presenting a unique range of betting games like roulette and online slots to crypto-currency customers.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Online Gambling Payments

Bitcoin is used by more than 100,000 people and companies all over the world. Among these companies there are plenty of Bitcoin online casinos that offer roulette, poker, baccarat online slots among many other games.

One asset of a Bitcoin casino over traditional gambling sites is that the house edge is substantially lower – often around 1.5-2%. This makes Bitcoin casino gambling much more appealing to customers in the long run.

Many sites offer ‘provably fair’ games, meaning that since transparent algorithms power the betting on online casino Bitcoin sites, the website simply cannot pick numbers to make players lose. This applies even to bitcoin live casino games as well.

However it goes without saying that when searching for the number one online Bitcoin casino, it’s crucial to first verify the site’s good name and do your homework. Gambling communities and sites like have a huge role in guaranteeing that no online gamblers are cheated.

Top Online Casino Bitcoin Sites

There are undoubtedly dozens of online gambling and Bitcoin casino sites out there, dedicated to everything from sports betting, to blackjack, roulette, and even hold ‘em poker. The three top actors however are, Ignition, and Bovada.

Bitcoin for Mobile Gaming and Casino Apps

If any newcomer wants to prosper in our digital age, it got to be an excellent experience on mobile devices. Whether you are an Apple, Android, Samsung, Windows, or Blackberry smartphone or tablet user, most Bitcoin casinos have mobile versions of their games. Most BTC sites run on HTML5, meaning you don’t need to download special software in order to begin playing once you have made your first deposit. There are a few Bitcoin casino apps around, but even downloading and playing on an app is also really fast and easy.

With the exception of a slightly narrower selection of games, your experience of playing for real Bitcoins on mobile devices is going to be just as if you were playing on your computer. Right from your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Fire tablet, or other mobile device, you’ll first create your account (more on that hereafter), transfer some BTCs, and immediately get to play the best online casino games.

How To Setup A Bitcoin Account

Whatever the merits of Bitcoin, nobody would go all the way of using it if it weren’t easy to open an account.

Luckily, that’s precisely how it works, and even the most Bitcoin inexperienced can purchase BTCs and start playing at a top Bitcoin online casino within minutes by observing our step-by-step directions.


  • Step 1: First, you’ll have to go to a site like and obtain what is called a wallet for your bitcoins. Be aware that there are different types of wallets (namely online, software, and hardware wallets), each with their own strengths and weaknesses. has great recommendations on how to pick the wallet that is best for you and how to back up and protect your wallet.
  • Step 2: As soon as you have your wallet, it’s time to put some Bitcoins in it. You can either ask a friend to give you some, convert them directly from your bank account, or purchase them from a number of online sites. But, the most common way to get hold of Bitcoins, is via online exchanges such at Mt GoX, or via bank transfer on websites like Coinbase.
  • Step 3: With Bitcoins in your wallet, it’s time to locate a top online casino that accepts BTC and set up an account like you would do at any other casino online. When you want to deposit, you’ll pick Bitcoin, indicate the amount you want to deposit into your account, then start playing at once.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used online to purchase products and services just as if it were real cash. It’s creator is the computer programmer Satoshi Nakamoto who has remained relatively nameless despite the success of his invention.

Bitcoin is used by more than 100,000 people around the world, doing business in thousands of dollars every day without the participation of middlemen or credit card companies. Bitcoin casinos are very attractive to gamblers who do not wish to use the more traditional options like Visa or Western Union which can charge prohibitive fees.

How does it work?

Most people simply purchase Bitcoins from specialized sites or obtain them as a form of payment from a friend or other people. Bitcoins come from, and can also be earned, through a mechanism called mining.

A Bitcoin ‘miner’ is an app on your computer that produces (or ‘mines’) Bitcoins. All miner apps exist in an interlinked network that produces BTCs at a speed that doesn’t depreciate the currency by overflowing the market (as it happens with real money when it is printed in excess). Once a Bitcoin is mined, an e-signature is added and it becomes part of the Bitcoin network, available as payment in transactions.

The only thing about Bitcoins is that there is a limited number of them at any one moment. Their number cannot exceed 21 million, and the prognostic is that that this limit will be attained in 2140.

Do they permit online casino payments?

There are today dozens of Bitcoin online casinos, each providing a particular portfolio of betting games like roulette and online slots to crypto-currency users.

Is it secure to use?

Most sorts of Bitcoin wallets require both the login details of a wallet and the actual physical device the wallet is located on to be accessed. The second requirement is especially efficient to make hacking a Bitcoin wallet particularly difficult, especially if the potential hacker doesn’t live anywhere near you.

How quick are payments & withdrawals?

Unlike some more conventional banking services you may have used at top online casinos (like credit cards or ewallets), both withdrawals and deposits at casinos accepting Bitcoin are immediate.

How does it compare?

For those who like immediate transactions, lower house edges, and who don’t want to renounce their personal bank data, conventional banking options can’t really compare to playing with Bitcoin. The only drawback to btc gambling is that Bitcoin worth fluctuates: if the worth of your Bitcoins lowers, you won’t be able to withdraw as much money.

With ewallets like PayPal, you must link your account to your bank. With Bitcoin wallets this is not necessary, and for this reason (among others) they are deemed much safer as a payment method.

Are there any charges incurred?

Bitcoins can be purchased and exchanged between peers across the Internet without having recourse to a bank or clearing house. The most select online Bitcoin casinos have charges that as a result are relatively low. The current market value for a Bitcoin is constantly changing according to its supply and demand.

Other Payment Methods

Skrill | Neteller | Paypal | Paysafecard


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