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Top 5 Pay Near Me  Casinos of 2018 – Safe & Secure

Discover The Best Casinos That Accept PayNearMe

PayNearMe has assisted many players in getting their deposits online. Many regulated casino sites and poker rooms now accept PayNearMe as a deposit method. This has made for quite a contest for the top rank site but our team of reviewers is quite confident to qualify for the title Jackpot City Casino. While credit cards and eWallets can afford a convenient way to deposit into an online casino, PayNearMe ensures the payment goes through, along with 100% safety.

Here you can discover the top online casinos which accept PayNearMe, along with the many advantages such as:

  • Funding your account from any 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or Ace Cash Express store.
  • No credit card or bank account needed.
  • 100% approval of legal deposits into any PayNearMe Casino.

Our Top Recommended PayNearMe Casinos


R$ 1600


Payout Speed: 1-2 Days

Win Rate: 97.61%


  • 5m+ Mega Moolah Jackpot
  • More than 630+ casino games
  • Secure banking options
  • Live dealer games

R$ 1000


Payout Speed: 2-3 Days

Win Rate: 97.59%


  • Over 655 high quality games
  • Range of deposit methods
  • Over R$ 5 million paid out daily
  • High payout ratio of 97.59%

R$ 1600


Payout Speed: 1-2 Days

Win Rate: 97.61%


  • 5m+ Mega Moolah Jackpot
  • More than 630+ casino games
  • Secure banking options
  • Live dealer games

R$ 750


Payout Speed: 1-2 Days

Win Rate: 97.49%


  • 650+ casino games & slots
  • Monthly bonuses
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Operating since 2003

R$ 350



Win Rate

R$ 200



Win Rate





Shoddy customer service

Failure to pay players





Intentionally loose in play mode

Games are tight in real-money mode





Failure to pay

Bad customer service

How we Test for the Best PayNearMe Online Casinos

Our team of professional players, who specialize in online poker and casinos, have compiled a list of specifications expected from a first-rate online casino. The specifications we expect from each of our selected casinos are:

  • Customer Support – 24/7 support offered when you need it is the least we expect of a first-rated online casino.
  • Timely payouts – The best online casinos can afford to pay out winnings within a couple of days and that demonstrates their commitment to offer you the highest level of service.
  • Security – Guaranteeing the highest security is used to safeguard personal details is one of the requirements we demand from top-rated casinos.
  • Deposit Options – Multiple deposit choices for customers, from the expected and mundane, to the latest and most futuristic, are an asset that online casinos need to offer if they want to appeal to loyal players.
  • Bonuses and Schemes – Good online casinos offer a range of welcome and loyalty bonuses and an array of ongoing weekly, monthly, or loyalty-based promotions that keep their customers keen and in the black.
  • Game Variety – Even the topmost welcome bonuses cannot make up for tedious games, so online casinos have to provide a wide selection of first-class quality gambling activities of all types in order to attain our top-ranked list.

While we enjoy gambling, we don’t want you to gamble your time and money away at an inadequate online casino.

How We Test For The Best Pay Near Me Casino

PayNearMe works with modern technology, coupled with the most widely used payment method, cash. While many gambling sites normally have transactions refused, by taking just a short trip to your local 7-Eleven, you can be sure your deposit will be accepted.

Our team of professional players, who specialize in online poker and casinos, have compiled a list of requirements to be met by a top online casino. PayNearMe then offers you with a reliable payment method to get your money online.

The requirements we expect to be met by our best casinos are:


  • Customer Support – 24/7 support offered when you need it
  • Regulated – All sites accepting PayNearMe are licensed in NV and NJ.
  • Reviewed – The casinos listed have passed our highest standards testing.
  • Security – Guaranteeing the highest security is used to protect personal details.
  • Deposit Option – Multiple deposit options for customers.
  • Payout – Best payout percentages.

While we enjoy gambling, we don’t expect you to gamble your time and money away at poor quality casinos. The PayNearMe sites covered here, meet our highest expectations!

Using PayNearMe In Nevada And New Jersey

PayNearMe is a forthright payment method. As states are only just beginning to adopt legislation to regulate online gambling within their jurisdictions, for the time being it can only be used in NV or NJ, though this will expand in the future.

PayNearMe is accepted on any regulated online poker room and casino

Online, PayNearMe will require you to ask a Paycode or barcode, for the casino site into which you wish to deposit. After this is done, by providing your email address or phone number, the Paycode can be printed off or sent to you via text.

Next you show the PayCode at your nearest 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or Ace Cash Express store, and pay your deposit in cash. The code is scanned and the money will be transferred into your casino site’s account, enabling you to try out the many online slots and table games for real cash.

Finding The Best PayNearMe Casino

The PayNearMe casinos listed here are among the top ones on the market. These host games from number one software providers and you can find them linked to top poker sites. Moreover, the PayNearMe sites we cover provide complete safety for players.

Internet casinos and poker sites enable you to enjoy the excitement of casino games from the comfort of your own home. Aside from avoiding a real casino’s swarms and costs, playing online affords flexibility, so you can simply log on for a few minutes instead of planning a whole evening’s trip.

The casinos that we investigate offer a wide array of games, from online slots to traditional table games like blackjack and roulette. If you want to completely immerse yourself in the next best thing to a real experience, look up the live casinos. Here you can explore real-life games, ran by actual dealers, streamed to you via HD quality streams.

So don’t let not having a credit card hold you back from playing casino games in Nevada and New Jersey. PayNearMe gives you an easy solution to enjoy the best sites.

If you want to play at a live casino then find a casino near you with our locator device. Alternatively, let us help you find your beloved online casino. PayNearMe can then enable you to play real money games and hit the big wins!

PayNearMe FAQ

As PayNearMe is a relatively new way of payment, it is not surprising there are many questions asked about it. Here are some of the FAQs we have received about using PayNearMe.

How does PayNearMe work?

PayNearMe enables you to deposit cash directly into your casino account, via your nearest 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or ACE Cash Express.

You just have to choose the PayNearMe method on your online casino’s cashier, and you will obtain a PayCode which you can either print or view via SMS. This PayCode is reusable and is scanned at the store, when you pay your cash deposit. The money is then immediately accessible in your casino account.

Do they allow online casino payments?

Yes! Online gaming is a core market for PayNearMe. The company has a proven track record of dealing with top regulated iGaming operators, in both New Jersey and Nevada.

Why should I use it?

PayNearMe affords you peace-of-mind about privacy and fraud risks. All payments are in cash and you are never required to give your banking or card details, to either the casino or the store. PayNearMe also helps you gamble responsibly, as you are not playing on credit.

How does it compare to other similar methods?

Your payment is secured to reach the casino, unlike other methods. Since regulated gaming is only permitted in a small number of states, often credit card companies and banks will impose a blanket refusal on all transactions to iGaming sites. By using cash at a local store, though an approved method like PayNearMe, you are discarding this possibility.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. In fact PayNearMe offers safety measures other payment options do not have. Not only are you protected from disclosing your banking details, there is also a $500 per day deposit limit. Under-aged players cannot use the service, and as an adult PayNearMe account holder, you will be sent a notification every time your account receives a deposit.

How quick are payments?

Payments are immediately credited to your casino account, so you will be able to gamble as soon as you log-in to your casino account.

Are there fees involved?

Yes, there is a service fee of $3.99 per transaction.

How are my winnings paid?

Online casinos enable you to withdraw your winnings by bank transfers or using payment by check.

Other Payment Methods

Debit Card | Eco Card | Master Card | Visa

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