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Your Complete Guide to Video poker and The Best Online Casinos

We like video poker very much and so do many poker pros whose career began by playing on these machines. It’s particularly fun if you want to play some hands without having to compete against other players. Want to know more? Perfect, since our team has prepared the best guide to video poker that will tell you about rules, strategies, and the best venues to play at.

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  • 5m+ Mega Moolah Jackpot
  • More than 630+ casino games
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  • Play Like a Pro


It’s no secret that online poker causes furor and, although some sites closing down in the US, the poker trend has continued to be on the rise. Throughout the world, it’s more massive than ever and in the US states are getting their own online poker sites.

It is not the case that players always or everywhere want to play poker online against others. Online casinos acknowledge this and now are offering real money video poker. If you can play the classic versions of poker like 5 Card Stud, you will love playing video poker. But the best part is still to come. You don’t need to think about being bluffed out of a hand. Indeed, in most real cash games, you don’t even have to think about the house’s hand. Here’s other things that make video poker so great:

  • You are able to bet literally cents per hand if you wish
  • Don’t be concerned about anyone else’s hand— if you’ve made the board, you win
  • Double or nothing bonus rounds are available

This is not the end of the game, because there’s much more to love about real money video poker. If you’re new to the game, here is the place to start with tips, tricks, a strategy guide, and advice on playing.

Quick Video Poker Tips


  • Always secure cards that have made the board, like a pair of Jacks or better


Uphold any automatic wins as one fundamental rule. There is always the possibility to lose those cards you don’t want.



  • Get rid of twos, unless they’re part of a straight, flush, or set


They are not going to be really useful, and you’ll improve the chances of receiving something better.


  • If you’re offered a double or nothing bonus round, give it a try—but leave while you’re ahead


These are fashionable tournaments for good reason, giving you the chance to double your stake. Simply bear in mind to avoid pushing your luck.



  • Check out the pay tables


Play the games with the biggest returns as a rule to guarantee for yourself longer gambling sessions and enhance your prospects of winning and getting comps.

Getting to Know the Game

Video poker is one of the most exciting games on offer to poker fans. If you’ve played poker at home or at a casino then you’re likely to be familiar with lingering around for a good hand and getting rid all sorts of bad ones.

In real-life sessions with other players, you could be hanging around for hours before you have a hand that you want to play. And each time you throw away a hand, it could be 5, 10, or even 15 minutes before the hand concludes, according to how many people are playing and how tough players are.

But in online video poker for real money, there is only you and the house. And your task is to get a poker hand that makes the board pay. Before we tell you how to play, we want first to make you aware that there are many variants of poker. Deuces Wild. Jacks or Better. Crazy Eights. And more. However, they all function in almost identical fashion.

Now in many video poker games, you won’t win with a high card. And it won’t be any pair that will cut it. In many real money video poker variants, you win with at least a pair of Jacks. But the game itself is simple.

Simply put your bet and click the Spin button, you’ll then be given five cards, all face up.

In case you get a pair of Jacks or better, you are sure you are lucky and have already won some money. Otherwise, don’t be upset. You have the alternative of getting rid of as many as all the five cards.

Once you are dealt new cards, you get paid out if you’ve scored on the payout schedule. Bear in mind, Jacks or better normally bring you some money, but it depends on the game you’re playing. The higher your poker hand is, the more money you’ll earn.

As was said before, the rules change according to the kind of video poker you’re playing. For instance, you remember the hand rating system we talked about a little ago? It is not relevant all the time. In some variants of real money video poker games, there can be wild cards, Jokers, eights, or twos. If wild cards are thrown into the mix, a 5-of-a-kind hand becomes available. And some variants of the game pay out according to whether you hit a Royal Flush with wilds or one without.


  • The Best Video Poker Sites 


    1. There’s a lot to ascertain with a good game of video poker, and seasoned gamblers like to safeguard a good game by laying only at casinos that fulfil the highest standards. Hereafter we review some of these criteria and tell you why you should apply them:


  • High Payout Percentages


    1. This percentage tells you the average amount a casino disburses. A 98% percentage simply means that $98 is disbursed by the casino for every $100 wagered. Bear in mind that this figure is an average based on the casino overall, so you will not get 98% back on a bet you make. It’s nonetheless a good idea to prefer a casino that has a bigger rate of payout.


  • Play with the Best


  1. We like video poker for real cash, but we’ve often found a lot of sites that state they’re great, only to realize that they’re just pretending. If you’re a video poker lover, you’re in good hands with us. We’ve assessed and rated almost all online video poker sites with real money games.
  2. When you take a seat to play, you prefer to know that the site you’re playing on has a great variety of games, is transparent about how it operates, and affords simple deposits and rapid withdrawals. We’ve examined all these aspects and scored each real cash video poker site out of 10.
  1. Video Poker Strategy Guide

What to hold and what to drop

There are many different variants of video poker, both online and offline, which is why one cannot apply to all of them one basic strategy guide. What to hold and what to drop depends on which cards are wild and the minimum hand you need to win.

For a general strategy guide, let’s imagine that you wish to play Jacks or Better. In this variation you’ll invariably win if you get a pair of Jacks or anything better. Bear in mind, you’ve got the opportunity to get rid of cards that you don’t like. However, it is not always that simple to see exactly what to keep and what to toss away. As a general rule for real money online video poker, remember what follows.

Always keep a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4-of-a-kind, Full House, 3-of-a-kind, or 2 pair. Why? Because these are certain winners. You’re sure to win cash if you have something better than a pair of Jacks. But remember nevertheless that, if you get 3-of-a-kind, it’s a preferable option to rid yourself of the two other cards, regardless of how good they might seem. The reason is that you could easily make that 3-of-a-kind into a full house if you play your cards smart.

Seems straightforward? Well, there are some situations when we actually advise to break up a straight or a flush. If you’ve got 9cJcQcKcAc, you’ve already have a flush. But why not try to hit a Royal Flush that is just a card away. Discard the 9c and ask for a new card. Yes, you can lose trying to hit your flush, at the same time it is also a chance to make a 10c, which would make up a Royal Flush—and your winning would be fantastic. You might also end up with a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, which would also make you win.


  1. Video Poker Rules

We’ve already presented the hand ranking system used for video poker (Jacks or Better, specifically). And we explained to you when it’s worthwhile to drop one, two, three, four, or all of your cards. But just how advantageous is it? We’ve assembled a typical payout schedule for Jacks or Better. Surely, payouts vary from real cash betting site to site, but the chart gives you an idea of the value of different hands.

Bear in mind that the above is based on betting on credit, so if you bet more per hand, you’ll earn more credits. And remember, some games have a great payout, so your winnings might be crowned if you hit a Royal Flush.

  1. The History of Video Poker

Looking back as far as 1901, video poker actually soared in the 1980s and is blasting off even more today. Our basic guide leads you through the trajectory of the game and gives a reason for its popularity, both online and in concrete casinos.

  • Although there wasn’t a screen, the first occurrence of a game of video poker was in 1901 when Charles Fey included the draw feature to the slot machine he invented. The item enabled players to spin twice, ultimately holding some of the drums, which enclosed cards.
  • The first contemporary video poker machine was invented in 1979 by a company named SIRCOMA, which meant Si Redd’s Coin Machines.
  • The first video poker machine was called Draw Poker.
  • SIRCOMA later changed to International Game Technology.
  • Video poker acquired fame in the 1980s because people experienced playing against a machine as less inhibiting than playing against real people at real tables.
  • If internet poker has enabled people to maintain their anonymity and feel less inhibited than when playing against other people, video poker has in fact become more fashionable since the 1980s.

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